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Sump Pump Advice & Tips

If you're wanting to know more about sump pumps and how they can help with your damp problem, then read on!

Sump Pump Advice

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Sump Pump Reviews

Sump Pump Reviews

Like all products, some sump pumps are just not that good, and some are superb! 

We've gathered the best sump pumps together, across a range of budgets, to help you find the right one for your needs.

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Hey, I'm James, and I'm getting to grips with the world of home damp proofing and everything that comes with it. 
I'm an avid fan of everything home improvement, and created Home Damp Rescue to track my progress, and help people along the way. 

When I'm not damp proofing my home or researching sump pumps I'm a huge family man, and love to spend my time in the sun (when there is some!). 

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